Business Banking

Business banking is an essential part of any enterprise to operate; without an account with a financial institution, a company is not able to function. As part of our services to businesses, here at Admin Genie we offer introductions to financial institutions. Throughout the years we have developed several close relationships with various financial institutions, making the banking process for our clients an easy and efficient task. We only supply you with the appropriate introductions depending on the business and the risk appetite of the financial institution, to avoid unnecessary rejections.


The banking sector is heavily regulated however business banking does not need to complex for the client. Through our services, we will firstly understand the type of business you run and your requirements, then we can assist you with banking solutions by presenting you a set of financial institution options and offer introductions to them. As part of our service, we also assist in filling out any application forms, handling any translation and certifications requests, designing a professional business profile, and compiling all due diligence documentation in order to present a fully completed file for submission.


Commonly, most companies need more than one operational account to handle their business transactions, and it is also advisable to have more than one online bank account that could serve as a backup account. We inform our clients upfront of the opening and compliance fees of the Electronic Money Institution and about the ongoing costs once the accounts are opened.

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