Our Services

Admin Genie, managed and serviced by Fairwinds Management Limited, is a specialist agency working to provide a high quality and reliable service through a team of individuals or companies with expertise in different fields and areas. Admin Genie, is here to make your life considerably easier.


Financial burdens come in many forms for businesses. Payroll, rent, furniture, utilities, IT equipment, communications infrastructure, consumables… With Admin Genie, you don’t have to find the capital for the initial purchase of such equipment or pay for its ongoing running costs and repairs because you only pay for the time in which we’re carrying out productive tasks. Outsource to Admin Genie and you will not have to pay for sick or vacation leave. Maximise your income by delegating the routine and one-off tasks to Admin Genie and spend more time on billable activities. 


We all know that first impression counts, and having a business presence in this competitive environment is a struggle for all. Through our professional and dedicated team and a virtual administrative service in Malta, you will be able to keep low costs and focus on your core business in order to grow and expand your profits. With Admin Genie, you will be able to have a dedicated administrator and corporate assistance that you can rely on.


Admin Genie can assist you in a vast range of areas, including the following bronze services and specialised monthly packages:


Visa and residence card applications

Work permit applications

National insurance number application

Tax number application

Tax residency consultation

Jobsplus engagement and termination forms

Marketing: websites, social media management, design works

Translation services

Proofreading and transcribing services

Designing/Writing business plans

Events management

Project management

Legalization and apostille

Human resources services

Resume writing

Introducer to insurances and legal advisors

Lifestyle management

Travel assistance

Running errands

Virtual Admin Services

Daily office tasks

Email monitoring, forwarding and replying

Telephone line rental

Call log/Relaying services

Accounting Services



VAT return compliance

Management accounts

Further to these bronze services and specialised packages, we are offering various monthly packages to suit your needs. Click on the Admin Genies below for more info!

The services are not limited to those listed above so please contact us to discuss your specific needs.