We’re here to make your life considerably easier in Malta. Our professional team can handle your calls and mail, assist you in your business needs, introduce you to our collaborators and have a business presence in Malta.  Let us know what you need and we’ll come up with a solution.

Meet Admin Genie!

The Admin Genie is an assistant who provides administrative support to individuals and businesses. We can help you and help your business grow by offloading admin work to us. Whether you need a virtual office to have a business presence in Malta or a secretary to run your errands and handle admin work, a lawyer or a notary, an accountant or a tax consultant, Admin Genie, set up by Directors Adrian Sciberras and Charlene Sciberras, is able to assist either directly or through its partners. We are your one-stop office, and we assure you that you can rely on us for all your personal and business needs. 

Why Admin Genie?

  • Because you want to keep your financial burdens low, allowing you to expand capacity without the hassle of hiring a direct employee.
  • Because you want to ensure that all your deadlines are met and be more timely in your correspondence.
  • Because you’d rather concentrate on your core business, by taking administration off your list so that you can focus on creating value.
  • Because you want to increase your business productivity, meaning you don’t want to get stuck working on low-value tasks.
  • Because you require someone proficient with the latest tools and technology, with a resource pool available to call upon.
  • Because you require dedicated corporate assistance on which you can rely on for your growing business in this competitive environment.

Admin Genie Packages


Small administration tasks can be seen as superfluous, yet they are necessary and mostly, time consuming. With our Silver Package, we can provide you with a virtual office and day to day admin work.


Whether you need a PA to book for flight tickets for further admin assistance to run your daily admin stuff, our Gold Package could be the appropriate choice for you.


If you need an Executive Assistant in addition to the Silver and Gold services, then the Platinum package will fulfil all your personal and company requirements.

Our Core Values


We are proud of what we do and how we do it. We behave responsibly, honestly and with absolute discretion.


We are highly motivated. We love to do the job that you either don’t have time for or do not like doing. We respond enthusiastically to new opportunities and embrace change.


We are reliable, dependable and resourceful. If a job needs to be done, we’ll find a way.


We are dedicated and diligent, working consistently to best practice standards. We take ownership of our actions and consequences, always seeing a task through to conclusion.


We are utterly professional yet approachable and understanding.


We strive to be the best. We are always learning, always looking to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. We set high standards and we stretch to exceed them.

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